Customer Testimonials

Great Product! Thank you

Just wanted to let you know that we love our new Perfect Kennel Floor. I am doing my part to let everyone know how great of a product this is... I have posted pictures and shared your website with my Min Pin Crazy group on Facebook, and as well on my own Facebook page! Now my pup can be down at the garden with me and I don’t have to worry about her!

Again thank you for a Great Product!!!


It has been a pleasure to work with The "perfect" kennel floor. The staff is helpful and the product is excellent. This flooring if properly installed will provide you with years of service. Our shepherds are very high drive and pace in the kennels at times. Large dogs and higher drive dogs tend to cause damage to most kennel floors. With the installation process being very easy I was able to install my kennel flooring from The "perfect" Kennel floor with ease. We did the above ground installation that required a 4x4 frame area filled with gravel for drainage. The drainage keeps dogs dry and insures less health problems. This type of installation has proven to be a good way to install for our entire pack. Puppies, adults and even the seniors have enjoyed this flooring. For dogs with leg or soft tissue injuries the flooring proves to be easy on the joints and less abrasion on the dogs elbows and such like you would see on your traditional concrete floors. We have tested this flooring on all sizes and types of German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds and found it to be extremely strong and lasting. M&M Quality Shepherds recommends this product. We have had our flooring for 3 years now and our dogs have put this flooring through the most rigorous testing. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for flooring for their dog or kennel.

Thank you Michele
M&M Quality Shepherds

We purchased the Perfect Kennel Floor over 3 years ago. We have 7 dogs ranging in size from chihuahua to Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound mix and it is fantastic! After over 3 years of use, there is NO odor, it cleans up easily, is comfortable for the dogs and keeps muddy paws out of the house. We rarely hose it down, the rain usually does that. In the winter the snow just comes off easily... I am also a veterinarian and I would highly recommend this for anyone with dogs that wants a sanitary and easy to clean kennel floor.

Susan Brown
Batavia, IL

I am an Akita breeder and need something strong and durable. Instant Kennel Flooring has withstood the Akita digging test with an A+. Because the material is porous it is sanitary and easier to clean. It's very soft and comfortable for big dogs to lay on. They don't get the sores on the elbows that happens if they were on concrete. The bonus is if you ever move you can take it with you! Thanks again for such a wonderful and affordable product!

Carol Friedman
Sovereign Akitas

This is the second time I have purchased your Kennel Floor product. I am so glad I stumbled onto your product while searching 'GOOGLE'. I had a 12'x 25' foot piece the first time around. We had three large dogs, and after two years it showed no wear. We sold the house where that piece was installed, and the new owner wanted to keep it, so we purchased a small 6'x12' piece for the new house. We love the product, and service.

Best Regards,
Bill VH

As a veterinarian I highly recommend the flooring (purchased) from Your Fence Store. About 6 months ago I ordered this flooring for my Labradors who love to put everything in view to a tearing and digging test. The flooring was delivered fast, easy to install and has held up to the tests wonderfully. My dogs have been unable to dig through this flooring and it basically looks like new. It has been easy to clean and is maintenance-free. The flooring is lightweight and has proven to be comfortable and indestructible, which is a must for a safe dog environment. Thank you.

Dr Van der Veen

The delivery time, was fine. Packaging, was great. First impressions - impressive, and durable. Durability - incredibly tough, I have a 130+ pound dog and the floor looks great, and very easy to keep clean. Convenience of installation- was fast, and incredibly easy to install, no rocket science training needed. It exceeded my expectations.

Thank you
Patricia A
New Jersey

Just wanted to let you know that we love the kennel floor, and have been very pleased with it's performance. After about 6 months it shows no signs of wear, it is easier to clean than textured concrete, and certainly drains well with the gravel bed under it. It was extremely easy to install, portable, and arrived in a timely manner. We couldn't be more pleased with your product.

Scot N and K9 Gordy
Sheriff K9 team