Commercial Kennel Floor™ Installation Instructions

kennel-floor-instr-pic-1For commercial installations please follow these directions when you install your new Perfect Kennel Floor™.

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Choosing the best gravel for under your floor

crushed-rockIt is important to use the right type of gravel under your new kennel floor. Our tests on multiple installations have concluded that a ¼ to ½ clear fractured product works the best. The gravel needs to be clear so liquids can freely drain through. It should also be fractured, this helps the gravel to remain stable when stepped on. Round gravel of uniform size, sometimes referred to as pea gravel or bird's eye tends to squish out when stepped on and should be avoided.

screened-rockWhere you live geographically will determine what kinds of gravel are available. In some cases there may not be a fractured type product. If this is the case look for a screened product with a mixture of rock sizes.

If possible visit your gravel mart and test the different types available. Smooth out a patch of possible gravel into a 1 foot square about 1 ½ inches deep, step on it with your foot, if the gravel stays in place and does not squish out it will probably work well under the floor.

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