Perfect Kennel Floor Instructions

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The instructions below are for the ‘Instant Installation’ technique, which allows you to quickly and easily install your kennel floor within minutes of removing it from the package.

Please read these instructions completely before proceeding with the installation of your new floor.

Your Perfect Kennel Floor can be placed on any level, well-drained surface, including gravel, grass, earth, sand, etc. Ensure that water does not pool in the spot where you plan to locate your kennel. As steel spikes are used to secure the kennel in place, inspect for in-ground irrigation, water lines or electrical wires before situating the kennel.

Step 1:
step-1Remove your Perfect Kennel Floor from the box, unfold it and lay it flat on the ground. You can install it with either side facing up. You may find creases where it was folded during shipping; they won’t affect the performance of the floor, and will disappear when the floor is stretched out.

Step 2:step-2
Staying approximately 1 ½” from the edge of the floor material, drive a spike into one corner of your Perfect Kennel Floor and secure it to the ground. From the opposite corner, pull the Perfect Kennel Floor tight enough so it lays flat and smoothes out any creases and drive in another spike. Repeat for the two remaining corners and then install the rest of the spikes evenly around the perimeter of the floor, remembering to stay back approximately 1 ½” back from the edge of the material.

Step 3:
step-3Now you’re ready to install the kennel. Each Perfect Kennel Floor is manufactured slightly larger than the footprint of your kennel. Place your kennel in the center of the Perfect Kennel Floor to ensure that the edges of the floor are on the outside of the kennel. Do not drag the kennel across the flooring, as sharp edges can damage your Perfect Kennel Floor and void the warranty. Your installation is complete!

To clean your Perfect Kennel Floor, simply hose it off. From time to time apply a disinfectant appropriate for use in kennels and hose off as usual.

If you have any questions e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be pleased to assist you.


Commercial Installation Method

An alternate install method you can still do yourself that uses a 2 x 4 framework.