Q. Does the kennel floor get hot in the sun?
As with any dark colored material the kennel floor material does warm up in the sun, but it does not have sufficient mass to retain enough heat to burn feet when stepped on. It can be walked on in the summer by a barefoot person.

Q. Does the kennel floor drain?
Yes, that is one of the best things about kennel floors, liquids (urine) drain right through. Also because it drains you can hose it off and the floor will dry in minutes.

Q. My Kennel Floor is new and the water does not seem to drain through it, why is that?
This can happen when the flooring is brand new. It is easily fixed by squeezing some dishwashing liquid onto the floor and then give it a scrub with a stiff brush and lots of water. 

Q. Will my dog be able to dig through the kennel floor?
Assuming the kennel floor is installed correctly, with no exposed edges and taut enough so the dog cannot pull it up, the floor cannot be dug through. Having said that though, if your dog is prone to digging given enough time and opportunity it could eventually wear through the floor. Exercising your dog regularly and placing chew toys in the kennel can help to minimize excessive digging tendencies.

Q. Do I really need to go to the trouble of doing the ‘Perfect Install’?
The decision is up to you… consider the drainage conditions of the ground area .. Keep in mind that the ‘Perfect Install’ provides the best scenario for drainage and keeping the floor taut which ensures the best kennel conditions for your dog and will maximize the durability of your kennel floor.

Q. How thick is kennel floor?
Kennel Flooring is approximately 2 mm thick, but the densely woven polypropylene is very tough. As mentioned previously the floor does not have a lot of mass so it will not get too hot for your dog (or you) to walk on. All outdoor kennels should have some shade though.


kennel floor sample showing floor thickness